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 July 25, 2018Charles Ramos Jr97.1 the pointhomelessnesslas vegasnewsradiosick humorthe point

Greetings sports fans and welcome to Vegas Valley Sports Beat on a sun-dappled July morning. It has never been my intention to use this medium for the purpose of ranting but it never fails the things you see when you don’t have a gun, a camera, or a butterfly net handy. Not to mention some of the things you hear from time to time.

In the case of 97.1 The Point and what I heard this morning at 3:10 am on their regular comedy feature known as Ten After Laughter was much worse than some things I’ve heard in a maximum security prison before. I had to turn the radio off.

Before I did so, however; I was treated to what, to my mind, was a vulgar display of heartless disregard for the people of Las Vegas. People who are suffering from homelessness and for homeless persons in general. And that really pisses me off to the point that I have to say something about it and let the chips fall where they may.

Ever since I first got back to the Las Vegas area in 2013 I have listened to The Point exclusively and I really enjoyed it. I love the morning show with Fox and McKenzie and Ken Johnson even with his weird songs is a hoot as is the Ten After Laughter feature that plays at ten minutes past the top of every hour. I love Mels’ Big Hair show and wrote a review of it the first night it played that was posted just after the end of that first show.

I love Kim Kelly and she and I have spoken at length many times she has played many of my lunchtime requests on her show. If you listen you will even hear my voice played as a sound byte on the air almost every day

I very much enjoy Dr. Feedback and the live cuts he plays late at night. I can dig it for real. But what I simply cannot abide, and will not accept as being even remotely funny is the plight of the homeless in Las Vegas or anywhere on this planet.

I have been in those shoes and lived on the streets of Las Vegas. Not 2 years ago I was living in a ditch in Henderson and some of my things are probably still there that I had to leave behind such as my office chair.

Since then I have been doing all I can to raise awareness of this national disgrace that sees over 2 million children living homeless in the streets of our allegedly proud nation that has not a damn thing to be proud of as long as it allows its citizens to live out in the wind and rain and heat that would kill most of the pasty-faced cream-puff liberals screaming for vengeance over the detainment and deportation of illegal alien children.

The jokes this S.O.B. on The Point told were not even in the realm of funny. They were straight out derogatory and demeaning towards homeless people. People who obviously didn’t wake up one morning and decide what a great idea it would be to move the family from their comfy homes to a tent on the sidewalk in downtown Las Vegas.

I’m unsure exactly what universe it’s in that human suffering is fodder for comedy hacks who can’t write a decent joke otherwise so they have to stoop to the lowest common denominator and attack the defenseless and the poor to get a cheap laugh but the evidence seems to indicate that it’s this one here.

I cannot help but wonder how low will they go for more laughs? Will it be jokes about beating runaway slaves half to death, the lighter side of human trafficking, or perhaps The Point will outshine themselves again and come out with a whole new segment dedicated exclusively to exceptionally tasteless jokes about the Holocaust.

Perhaps those examples are a bit extreme perhaps not, either way, the song remains the same. A number of people I call friends are played regularly on The Point, several of them are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I have other friends who were huge stars in other musical genres as well and I cannot think of a single one of them who would have found that segment to be even the slightest bit funny. And for good reason.

I know a great many people personally and they are from every walk of life imaginable from paupers to Princes and even Presidents. Writers and welders, Ironworkers and icons alike. Even Lords and Ladies believe it or not. But out of all of those people, the only one I can think of who would have been amused by this garbage is Fidel Castro. I’m even more certain that he’s not laughing now.

I think about all of the people whom I’ve met over the years and especially in recent times when so much has changed in the world. And little to none for the better from my perspective. I think about he people in my church, the sweet little old ladies who work at Walmart, my homies hanging in the park, the people I talked to outside the hospital this morning shortly after being plagued by this crap.

I think of the thousands of people whom I have talked to online from all over the world ever since the days when AOL chatrooms ruled the 12,500bps dial-up internet universe and the whole social media blizzard began. Beyond a few criminally insane individuals whom we really can’t count due to their legal exemption from the real world, Castro is still the only one I can think of who might find this amusing.

The point is that I’m having a tough time trying to imagine anyone in their right mind who might consider this even remotely funny.

I have expressed the intent to my editor to return to living on the streets of Las Vegas and to use my column to give those people living there due to circumstances beyond their control a voice. I can’t because my mom is very ill and in the hospital and she needs me more. Still, I do what I can to raise social consciousness about the plight of the growing numbers of homeless persons living in our streets.

Is it somehow funny now that there are more than 2 million homeless children in America?

I have posted numerous pictures of those tents and homeless camps online on Twitter and on Facebook to The Point where I was no longer able to use the images in many cases. And it has been making a difference, thank God.

To hear it all going down the drain behind such foul toilet humor as what I heard on The Point this morning is far beyond the pale of dead baby jokes which were bad enough as it is, to hear some weasly-mouthed jackass braying on and on about what a pain in the ass homeless people basically are, to hear all my work and that of many untold people who also care and who strive to alleviate the suffering of other human beings is unconscionable to me.

It’s inexcusable, base, lame, and irresponsible at best for an otherwise great classic rock station such as 97.1 The Point to stoop to such a record low as this for a few cheap laughs. They should make a soundtrack of jokes about how funny killing unwanted shelter kittens and puppies is, and play it for Kim Kelly and see how funny she thinks that is. I feel exactly the same way about this crap passing itself off as humor on Ten After Laughter when it’s plainly nothing more than a tirade about people that annoy the so-called comedian at the expense of the human dignity of those who are suffering.

You’ll have to forgive me if I somehow seem to have missed the humor here.

I’m not going to ask nor tell anyone not to listen to The Point, as Jiminy Cricket says, “Let your conscience be your guide.” But as for myself, I don’t appreciate my enjoyment of great music, and an otherwise great radio station being interrupted to let some horses ass let a bunch of crap like that fall out of his mouth. Nor do I have to listen to it. I’m changing the station to KNYE.


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