13 Keys to a Lasting Connection

I am going to keep this posted on my website so that anytime I find myself being moved away from my center by a troll I can look at it and focus again until it becomes an ingrained habit. Thanks for the advice. @CharlesRamos63

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A connection can be defined as an exchange of emotion.  Connections are so important that a lack in that area is worse for your health than smoking or diabetes.  In fact, the brain interprets social isolation in the same way that it interprets physical pain.  Sean Stephenson’s article, “13 Steps to Build Meaningful, Human Connections with Anyone,” lays out 13 techniques that build lasting connections with others.

  1. Ask a person their name, repeat it to them, and use it again during your conversation. (A person’s name is part of their identity, so saying it shows that you are remembering them.)
  2. Give the person you’re with 100% of your focus so that they feel seen.
  3. Ask the other person for their opinion.  You don’t have to agree with them.  It is a gesture that shows that you value what they have to say, and it’s more likely…

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