What’s the Deal with Canola Oil?


Peace and Love Everyone!

Let’s get straight to it.

What is the deal with Canola Oil? I’ve heard so many horrible things about it but so many ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ food products contain canola oil. Why? If it’s supposed to be good for you why does it have something bad in it? And if it’s not good for you, why is the food industry using it? Well the last question I know the answer to, money. Make it cheaply and sell it for alot.

Canola is thought of as a cheap and healthy cooking oil.

That’s funny, ‘healthy and cheap’ in this land we call that America doesn’t correlate at all. Those 2 terms are not equivalent or parallel. Everything that is considered healthy in America cost from a pretty penny to an arm and a leg. That should be our 1st clue.

We all want to eat healthy at…

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