The World of Dreamers: Chapter 12


Peace and Love Everyone!

I’m back with another chapter to this flourishing love story. Hope you’ve been enjoying the story so far. I must say that with each chapter we are getting closer to the end of our journey Angelo and Daphne.

“How many times do we have to commit the same room to memory? We’ve done several rooms several times. Isn’t it enough?”

“My dear daughter, it’s not just about committing the room to memory. It’s also about how fast you can relay the information to your partner. It may be the difference between you and my grand surviving or not. Also, you both need to be able to tell when something is out of place. That detail could save your life.”

“Okay, okay. Can we take a break? We’ve been at this everyday for two weeks.”

“You’ve had a break. Each night you go to sleep with each…

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