Our Favorite Fine Feline Friend, Constantine Writes,

The Chronicles of Constantine!

Hi there,

Constantine here, your favorite feline extraordinaire. Spring has hit Texas and – in true Texas fashion – everything is now green due to pollen. It looks like someone dropped powdered paint across the land. On the bright side my pawprints (sic.) on top of DC’s jeep (AKA Steve) cannot be missed. Now let’s get started.

Book Events:

– We are sending DC to Auston this time. She is heading to the Texas Library Association Conference, starting Monday April 15th till the 18th. If you’re in the area stop by and tell her I sent you!

Fun Facts!

– Well DC has let me down and Charlie, Dare to Dream did not come out last month. She was busy finishing The Cat Lady Special. You know I had to give her a pass because this new book is a wild ride. While not fantasy, The Cat Lady Special, is our new work of fiction. This story features the fabulous Ms. Angela who goes from cat lady to arms dealer.

Featured Author:

– This month’s featured author is the talented Kat Zaccard from Madison, WI. I might be a little bias since she lives with 3 cats, oh yeah and her husband, two kids, two hermit crabs and on snake. She as a new book – Moon Shadow – (now available on Amazon-, Book 1 in the MT Henley Trilogy.

“Shadows hide more than secrets at Mt. Henley. Alice is thrust into a world of danger. Will she accept her destiny or change her fate?”

To Learn more about Kat check out her website, make sure tell her I sent you-

My Top 5 YouTube Things

– The time we’ve all been waiting for – YouTube!

#1 Guess what? DC is turning 40 this month. To Celebrate this huge occasion we are dedicating this song “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees to her. While this came out in 1977, it is still perfect. To all the guys rocking skinny jeans, try pulling tight white bell bottoms. That takes a rea man. Also check out Wyclef’s remix to this song “Staying Alive“.

#2 While searching for the perfect song I came across this beauty “Boasty” by Wiley, with Sean Paul, Stefflon Don and hold your breath for this, Idris Elba. Was I the only one who didn’t know Mr Elba raps? And he is good.

#3 Speaking of Sean Paul, do you remember this song “Give me the light“? For all of his fans the man is back and rocking the dance scene. I still have no clue what he is saying.

#4 & #5 Remake are taking over in the Latin world, so check these two out: Daddy Yanky “Con Calma” featuring Snow, while doing the remake to Snow’s “Informer“. I know you are just as curious as me.

Give Away

– Let’s give a huge Shout- Out to last month’s winner with these awesome cat photo. Winners were notified and my book has already shipped: Cheryl N, Christy H, Christine R, Carly C, and Morgan

Upcoming giveaways-

-#1 This Month DC is participating in a couple of awesome giveaways. The First is with OTOH Books. You can win the complete works of the Shadow Hunter, Mortal Instruments Series! As part of the giveaway you will be signing up for the newsletters of other authors. Here is the link-

-#2 For our second giveaway you can win a $100 Amazon Gift card just by following Authors on Bookbub, including DC! Check out the link-

-#3 Last but not least you could win another $100 Amazon Gift card this time for following Authors on Facebook. We are Keeping DC busy. Check out the link-


Time for me to sign-out, but just a big Thank to all of you who have stayed with us from the beginning. And a huge Welcome to the Family to all of you new members! See you all in May.

Constantine – Out!

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