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Good morning. Today our friend, Amanda Kimberly writes,

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Enemies can make the best lovers.

Introducing Grant Donovan.
Brash. Bulging muscles. Chiseled abs. Millions in the bank.
I get to have this hottie as my protector and roommate?
Well then, welcome to Chez Donovan’s to me.  

“You’re my responsibility,” he told me.

Witnessing a murder that involved your shady boss is never a smart career move.
Now here I am in a mansion with this cocky stud who is giving me the dirtiest thoughts.

How did things get so crazy?

The police want to arrest me for a murder I didn’t commit.
My boss–well, ex-boss–wants me dead.
Grant’s got a secret past he’s not telling me about.
And, I need help in finding a way to clear my name ASAP.

Wrong place. Wrong time. Right guy?
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