Singing Telegram

Jodi Jensen Writes

Rowan glanced at the mirrored wall and straightened her top hat. The black jacket with long tails thankfully covered most of the hideous sequined leotard, but there was nothing at all to hide her fishnet clad legs.

She felt ridiculous.

The elevator doors parted and she stepped into the hallway, bringing a giant green balloon bouquet with her.

“This is nuts,” she muttered as she plastered a smile on her face. She stopped at the receptionist’s desk. “Singing telegram for Vance.”

The tiny brunette behind the desk jumped up and rubbed her hands together with glee. “Follow me.”

Not nearly as excited as the receptionist, her stomach gave a queasy flip when they entered a cubicle filled room.

“Oh, Vance!” the receptionist called in a sing-song voice. “Someone’s here for you.”

Rowan felt the bottom of her stomach drop as head after head popped up from the cubicles like human…

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