Jodi Jensen Writes

Six weeks to live.
That was nowhere near enough time. She wasn’t ready.

sorry, Elaina.” Dr. Madson’s brow creased and his mouth turned down in a frown.
“Get your affairs in order.”

nothing you can do?” Her husband, Adam, collapsed into his chair, face pale and

laid her head back against the pillow and closed her eyes. A fatal heart condition? At twenty-five? She just couldn’t wrap her
mind around it. What had started as a simple fainting spell two weeks ago had
led her here.

got to be some sort of study, or an experimental drug. Something…” Adam’s voice
trembled. “I mean, we haven’t tried anything yet.”


eyes flew open as hope blossomed in her mind.

doctor hesitated, then went and peeked out into the hall, looking both ways
before he shut the door and returned to her bedside. His eyes…

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