Confessions of a Crazy Cat Lady

Romance and Coffee

Here I am, sitting at my computer with a cup of coffee, not bothering a soul, when suddenly there’s a clawing at my chair followed shortly by claws sinking into my shoulder. I look to my left, straight into the inquisitive gold eyes of a black cat. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’re familiar with Fergus’ antics; if not, allow me to introduce you to my precious baby, and the bane of my existence.

Fergus Sith is a seven-month-old black cat that I let my sister talk me into taking. No, he’s not named after the Sith in Star Wars but rather an Irish spirit. It’s also spelled Sidhe, and pronounced shee, but, hey, I am a geek! He is rotten, the most mischievous feline I’ve ever encountered, and there have been several. I actually tallied up all the cats I’ve owned, and, wait for it:…

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