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WEST WING READS – 10/16/2019

White House Press Briefing – 10/16/2019
Anti-Trump Rep. Schiff’s Secret Impeachment Hearings Are a Witch Hunt in a Fantasyland
“Rep. Adam Schiff, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the leftists who are attacking President Trump – and by extension everyone who voted for and supports him – have managed to sink to a new low. On the scale of credibility, they are a minus-10. If they yelled fire, you would stay seated,” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) writes for Fox News.

So far, according to Rep. Biggs, Rep. Schiff or members of his staff have:

Held impeachment hearings behind closed doors

Met with the “whistleblower” before a complaint was filed

Not followed the rules of the House of Representatives
Excluded some members of the House from sitting in on proceedings

Now said that the whistleblower will not even be called to testify.

You can’t make it up: “Schiff excuses his misconduct, claiming Republicans will attempt to manipulate the narrative if his impeachment inquiry hearings were public.”

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President Donald J. Trump travels to Texas tomorrow for the opening of a new Louis Vuitton factory, where he will be joined by CEO Bernard Arnault, Rosemary Feitelberg reports for WWD. “The plan is to create 1,000 jobs in the next five years at the facility near Keene, Tex.,” which comes as part of the President’s Pledge to America’s Workers.”

“After a championship parade, a Stanley Cup Tour around the world, a ring ceremony, a Hockey Hall of Fame visit and a banner-raising on Opening Night, only one more celebration remained for the Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues, and that was a visit to the White House,” Chris Pinkert writes for NHL.com.

In 60 seconds

Watch President Trump welcome the 2019 Stanley Cup champions!

“For years, unelected bureaucrats have been allowed largely unchecked power over the daily lives of Americans. This president is trying to change that,” Rachel Bovard writes in USA TodayWith new executive action, the Administration is making sure “ordinary Americans have the ability to challenge the government’s determination against them.”

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