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Elisa for New Mexico

Dear Friend,

This Wednesday in Albuquerque, I officially announced that I am running for the United States Senate in New Mexico.

My opponent will be Congressman Ben Ray Lujan, a Socialist Democrat who is the most senior member of Congress to endorse the New Green Deal, a close ally of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a supporter of Medicare for All.

I’m going to beat him… with your help.

I’m a Navajo, Latina, pro-life conservative – a New Mexican – and I need your help to win this open seat, protect our Republican majority in the Senate, and stop the Left from enacting their destructive socialist agenda.

Will you signal your support and join my campaign today with a contribution of $25 or more to help us come out of the gate strong?

Throughout the past few weeks, I have met with my neighbors, business owners, and proud New Mexicans. I have heard their concerns and their hopes for our great state, and I am ready to fight for New Mexico in Washington.

I am a native New Mexican born and raised in the heart of Indian Country. I’m a registered tribal member of the great Navajo Nation, with Hispanic roots that go back 15 generations in New Mexico. AND, I am a proud Republican.

With your help, I will be the first woman ever elected to the Senate from New Mexico and the first Native American woman elected to the Senate – and I would do it as a conservative Republican!

But this is about more than making history… it’s about saving America.

I have witnessed firsthand the poverty and destruction that big-government policies have had on my people on the Indian Reservations in New Mexico. The socialist agenda has destroyed our state – we rank 49th in the U.S in education, 48th in economic opportunity, and 49th in violent crime.

What America needs is someone who understands first-hand that socialist, big-government policies only create more poverty and eliminate freedoms.

I’m taking this fight against socialism straight to the U.S. Senate, but I need your support. Will you make a donation of $25 or even more to support electing a Navajo, Latina, conservative Republican to the U.S. Senate?

The 2020 election will define New Mexico and America for years to come. We can either accept the socialist-style policies Democrats are offering, which would devastate our economy and our freedom… OR, we can elect leaders who will fight for our values – leaders who will support economic growth and embrace liberty and freedom.

This is the ONLY open Senate seat in 2020, making it the best pickup opportunity for Republicans to protect and increase our majority. But it is being heavily targeted by the Left, which is why your support is so critical.

Now that I have officially announced my campaign, the radical Left will be rushing to shut me down. I need to start this journey off strong and show my opponents that I am not afraid of their radical-left agendas. Will you rush $25 or more to my campaign today?

Friend, we need to show our strength right out of the gate and prove that we will fight to the end against these socialists trying to destroy New Mexico and destroy America. Your support moving forward will be the key to winning this fight.

Thank you,

Elisa Martinez
Elisa Martinez
Republican for U.S. Senate


Paid for by Elisa for New Mexico

Publishers Note:
As a conservative, registered non-partisan voter, a member of the First Nations, as a Latino and a friend to the Great Navajo Nation, as both Journalist, and Publisher I endorse, candidate Elisa Martinez 100% for the next U.S. Senator from New Mexico.
There is simply no way that socialists can be allowed to make any further inroads into the halls of government, but must in fact be eradicated from those same halls and from governance immediately by an overwhelming majority vote in 2020.
Had President Trump not won in 2016 as he did then we the people would now be well on our way to living under a Politburo style Congress, and no other Republican would have ever been capable of being elected President again due to illlegal voter registrations and district gerrymandering which they are still trying to pull off even now.
The results of this are abhorrent. Socialism as it exists today in the United States is already a humanitarian crisis in the form of 100,000 illegal immigrants being goaded into caravaning to invade the US on the Mexican border in droves. The forgotten tragedy of it all are those people who came seeking honest refuge where none can conscionably be given considering the circumstances. Now they are liberal crying posts and victims but that is the choice they made. Everyone in South America and in the US knows it is illegal to cross the US-Mexico border going either way. The impacted number of peoples in both North and South America and to their economies is inestimable and it was all done for the sole purpose of locking down the U.S. government under Democratic control for all time. Any right thinking individual must conceded that this is a foul and agregious policy no matter who would perpetrate it against the sovereigm peoples of the United States and to our friends and families in South America.
The 2020 elections must reflect our commitment to our oaths to support and defend the United States and its Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. The acts of the Democratic socialistik clown college we used to call Congress are deliberately seditious at best and treasonous at worst. Any attempts to subvert the US government into the control of a single party is an act of treason which can not ever be tollerated, nor shall it be.
Get out and make that abundantly clear next November by casting your ballot for Republican candidates. Until then hold your peace, keep your own counsel, and let lying dogs sleep until it’s time to run them out of the House.
Charles Ramos Jr.
B.B. Wolfe Publishing.

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