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The White House – February 4, 2020
Thanks to Trump, America is Winning Like Never Before
“A recap of the past month presents a snapshot of President Trump’s first term. We are stronger and safer, and the ripple effects of renewed prosperity are being felt nationwide. Within a few short weeks, this administration went after notorious terrorists, signed two major trade initiatives, unveiled a Middle East peace plan and gave Americans reassurance that the next century will be ours,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy writes in Fox News.
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🚨BREAKING: President Trump’s job approval hits new record high!

“The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which recently passed both houses of Congress by overwhelming, bipartisan majorities, has been rightly hailed as one of President Donald Trump’s most historic achievements.” Even better, unlike NAFTA, a sunset clause in USMCA guarantees that it won’t become unbalanced and outdated over time, Senior Advisor Jared Kushner writes for CNBC.

“The politically powerful should not deprive children of a great education, and no child in America should be on a waitlist for success. That is why President Trump has called on Congress to pass Education Freedom Scholarships. The bill currently before Congress is a federal tax credit that would provide families with more educational opportunities,” Joe Grogan, White House Domestic Policy Council Director, writes for Fox News.

President Trump has tapped Georgia pastor Tony Lowden “to be the new ‘reentry czar,’ a position created in the White House to help former inmates find housing, employment and other opportunities to provide ‘second chances’ for success after they leave prison,” Francesca Chambers reports for McClatchy DC.

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