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Nevada’s role in the 2020 Election


Fox News Alert

When you vote for Donald Trump, you have all the power. I only have one little vote in New York. You can also give the House back to the Republican Party … a Republican majority for the president. And you can vote for Republican Senators in your state while you are voting for President Trump. The witch hunt will then stop and then the country will move forward.”

-Sean Hannity, FOX NEWS

Pitch in $3 or more now to have your donation TRIPLE MATCHED and go toward the Trump Victory GET OUT THE VOTE FUND here in Nevada. 

We’re a swing state that WILL be turned back to RED if we VOTE! Too many Republicans stayed home in 2016 — we can’t let that happen again. 

Pitch-in $3 or more now and have your contribution to the Nevada GET OUT THE VOTE FUND >>

It’s critical that we elect President Trump to continue his America First policies and win the races up and down the ballot that will turn the state RED AGAIN.

Being a battleground state isn’t new to us. After all, WE ARE BATTLE BORN. 

Fight with us. Don’t let Nevada become ANOTHER California!

Thank you,

GOTV Field Team Leader
Nevada Republican Party



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