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I wanted to make sure you heard about this opportunity:

President Trump and his family have always loved Nevada. That’s why they’re continuing to make our great state a HUGE priority.

Donald Trump Jr. & Kimberly Guilfoyle are heading here to Nevada soon to help MAKE NEVADA RED AGAIN — and while they’re here we’re giving them notes from Nevadans like you to tell them thank you for making our great state a priority and to share which issues are most important to us here in our great state. 

Add your thoughts and write a note. Here’s the link:

They want to hear from us HERE in Nevada! Let’s gather as many notes as we can before they get here. 

After you write a note, will you send this email along and invite friends and family to write a note too? 

We don’t want to miss this opportunity to share with President Trump what matters most to Nevadans and to show our support. 

Thank you for getting involved,

Michael J. McDonald
NVGOP Chairman, MAGA Nevada


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