Old Friends And Bookends.


Hey Charles,

It’s been quite a week in Nashville!

I’m sure you’ve heard about the tornadoes (yes 2 of them) that ripped through Nashville early Tuesday morning.

The Writing Shack was completely unaffected, but areas very close to us sustained significant damage.  One of our favorite music venues, The Basement East, was destroyed.  Buildings collapsed, roofs ripped off, big trees down, power poles broken in two. In places it looks like a war zone. The city has been turned upside down with roads closed, public service offices,  schools and businesses closed. As bad as it was we’re grateful it wasn’t worse.

The thing that struck me most was the way people rushed in to help. Neighbors helping neighbors with the clean up. Folks handing out free food and water. People offering places to stay. Musicians offering gear to those who lost it.

Sometimes it takes adversity to see all that we have to be grateful for and that we’re all in this together.

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Russ Still
3330 Cumberland Blvd
Suite 200
Atlanta GA 30339

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