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Reprinted in full from Vegas Valley News March 7, 2020


Greetings sports fans and welcome to a very sorry day here at Vegas Valley Sports Beat, that feisty little never say die sports column that may be carrying the Coronavirus, and then again maybe not who knows? Maybe it’s SARS instead, maybe it’s not. Every day, record numbers of new cases are cropping up. As of 9 am yesterday, Las Vegas public health officials reported Nevada’s first community spread case of the COVID19 virus in a 50-year-old gentleman whose child is said to attend an undisclosed Clark County Public School. While the UK saw a record uptick of 49 in the number of cases reported in a single day.

On a related note, this last-minute email just came in from our dear friend in Congress, Rep. Steven Horsford who writes,

Charles,I’m sure some of you have heard that the Southern Nevada Health District has announced the first presumptive positive case of coronavirus in Clark County. Test results are considered “presumptive positive” until the result is confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That patient is currently hospitalized and in airborne isolation.While the COVID-19 outbreak is a serious public health threat, the immediate risk from the virus to the general public in Clark County and the United States remains low at this time.Yesterday, I voted to secure $8.3 billion in funding to combat the coronavirus epidemic and keep Americans safe. That funding will be allocated to help with efforts to produce a vaccine for the virus and to provide additional resources for state and local health care providers.While I work in Washington and at home in Nevada to ensure those funds are used effectively to keep all Nevadans safe and healthy, I will also provide more updates as information becomes available.For now, there are things the public can do to help:Do not go to the emergency department unless it is necessary. Emergency departments need to be able to serve those with the most critical needs. If you have a mild cough, fever, or other respiratory symptoms, contact your doctor first.Practice everyday preventive actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses:Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.Avoid close contact with people who are sick.Cover your cough and sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.Stay home when you are sick. The COVID-19 situation is changing frequently. Up to date information is available on the Health District website or the CDC website.You can also find resources on my website at can all do things now to not only prevent the spread of the coronavirus but also stay calm and informed. If you have any more questions about the coronavirus and where to find additional resources on prevention, feel free to contact my office at 702-963-9360.Be well,
Steven HorsfordYour Member Of Congress
1330 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-9894NORTH LAS VEGAS OFFICE
2250 N Las Vegas Blvd
Suite 500
North Las Vegas, NV 89030
Phone: (702) 963-9360

In any case, my friend’s family has the flu and I have been exposed to it and now so has everyone at Parker’s Kawasaki because they decided that instead of being good neighbors and dealing with me on the straight and level they would argue about it and keep us there for an hour and expose themselves too. Smart move Einstein. If you die from contracting Coronavirus can I bang your old lady, Kevin? She’s smoldering hot. You look and act like a closet alcoholic so it’s unlikely you can get it up without a little blue pill.

Without the testing kits, it’s anybody’s guess anymore who has it and who doesn’t and just how far inland it has already traveled. I do know there is very little difference between the two viruses except that COVID19 is an airborne virus that can be spread from an infected individual to an uninfected individual long before the host displays any symptoms of having the bug that carries the Coronavirus. The exact incubation period is still as yet undetermined and so then all of the new cases popping up all over the United States may have been infected by one or more persons who were unaware that they had the virus at all.

The very nature of COVID19 is such that it is going to be able to stay ahead of all but the most stringent of self-imposed individual efforts to contain it by people isolating themselves if they feel sick or suspect they have come in contact with a carrier. It would greatly help if people took it upon themselves to do it before they feel sick to the greatest extent possible. Even groups that are not at risk can spread it to groups that are. Even inadvertently, Coronavirus has a mortality rate approaching 4% according to the latest numbers given by President Trump at a televised Town Hall Meeting in Scranton, Pennsylvania last night.

If you visit Kevin and friends at Parker’s Kawasaki in Pahrump tomorrow you are far more likely to catch a fatal dose of the Coronavirus than of ever getting your motorcycle fixed. You’ll be infected and dead long before that bunch of brain-dead circus sideshow freaks Kevin tried to tell me are ace “mechanics,” will give you anything even remotely related to competent mechanical, or customer service. And you can certainly expect nothing better from the disrespectful jerk-off who hired them. All of whom seem to be incapable of finding their arses with both hands and a road map in my opinion.

If you are expecting any help from the owner, Kevin all you will get is the same smarmy BS attitude that I got from him today. Unless of course, you happen to actually be somebody in Kevin’s estimation and you are willing and able to keep throwing money at him to not fix your motorcycle. Then and only then will he go out of his way to kiss your lily-white ass and get you back on the road again. You know, like you’re paying him to do in the first place, except for real. I could not seem to get that idea through the veil of smugness and disrespect coming out of his mouth at me when I made an honest and civil attempt to discuss issues I had with the way his so-called “mechanic” and pathetic service staff conducted themselves relative to fixing my bike. Which they never did do. It was like trying to talk to Chuck Schumer about him voting for Trump. Same stupid smirk, same piggishly smug mentality.

Kevin was good enough to tell me today, but not last week when I brought it in that my bike, a 2002 Suzuki 1400 Intruder with only 36,000 miles on it is, “a piece of shit.” Every time the owner opened his mouth he had something ignorant or smarmy to say in response to my concerns. Even when I advised him that I was going to review my experience and the subsequent personal abuse that I received at the hands of everyone there today in this column just as I’m doing now, he threatened to sick his wife the lawyer on me if I didn’t write the truth.

This picture was taken in front of the auto parts store moments after I bought the bike on February 1st. I rode it to the DMV in Vegas and got it tagged then I rode it home without a hiccup. That bike is no piece of shit. I cannot say the same for anyone at Parker’s Kawasaki. You see this all the time anymore these shysters think nobody will ever call them on their bullshit. But I call BULLSHIT.

Anyone who is at all familiar with this column, especially my most awesome editor, knows that I have had every opportunity to rant about any number of topics such as the Golden Knights shoddy treatment of Vegas Valley News. I can write on and or about anything, as I see fit. Over the past three years that I’ve been writing Vegas Valley Sports Beat, I have steadfastly refused to do so, but in this case, it’s personal and they brought it on themselves. This punk, Kevin of Parker’s Kawasaki in Pahrump, Nevada treated me like a 4th class citizen and he had no justification for doing it beyond his own hypocrisy. But that didn’t slow his roll one iota.

I may not be anybody to anybody and that’s fine with me it’s not my affliction it belongs solely to the snobs to answer to God for, not me. I do have a voice here, however, and now I am going to use that voice so that what you did to me today, Kevin of Parker’s Kawasaki and the dishonorable way that you abused my dignity and person to inflate your own fragile ego will not remain in the dark but be shouted from the rooftops so that all the world will know before they have to deal with you or your idiot clowns just what they can expect from you for their hard-earned money.

In the case of Arianna, the service ho, who stood off to one side calling me ten kinds of motherf__ers under her breath while Kevin played the part of a bandleader to his idiot crew, you, Arianna, were the most pathetic example of them all. When after Kevin tried to charge at me outside I showed her what he’d done and this stupid ho said I had just threatened her. That was truly pathetic even for a cowardly little worm, like you.

This incompetent chapete, Arianna, ordered a  new air filter for my bike about two weeks ago just before I took my bike to them and when it came in she never even bothered to call and let me know like she was supposed to. I had to go back to the shop and remind her and then she had no idea where it was. The part that I had paid for was up on the store shelves for sale and Kevin knows that because he was the one who finally found it. Morons.

When I took it to them to have it fixed because I could not diagnose the reason why the starter was not engaging I told, Arianna this and she wrote down the bike was not running which is incorrect. I rode it back from Las Vegas the day I bought it and it ran beautifully. It started every time. I gave Arianna, the apparent village idiot of Parker’s Kawasaki, specific instructions to whit that I wanted them to diagnose the issue with the starter and give me a price on fixing it. She immediately tried to sell me a nearly $700 wire harness installation and continued to try to cram it down my throat until yesterday when I said fine, go ahead and put it in. Then the idiot tells me, “oh well we can do it but we cannot guarantee it will start.”

I told her from square one that I did not need a bike that does not run, I already have one. I authorized the mechanic to spend up to 4 hours trying to resolve the electrical issues and when we spoke on the phone yesterday, March 5th he told me he had spent only 1 hour trying to fix it before giving up and declaring the bike unfixable without him replacing the entire wiring harness rather than trace down a single short with an Ohm meter and fixing it. I would guess they either don’t have one or they have no idea how it works. It’s probably both reasons to judge by their actions today.

I used to be half-owner of Motorcycles Of Uranus in Sardis, Mississippi in 1993 my partner and I hunted down, bought, and restored old Japanese motorcycles and resold them. I have rebuilt my own 360 Honda engine, and recently I replaced the starter in my 1998 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softtail Classic motorcycle. A project that took up the entire garage and 24 hours of my undivided attention but it was done and done right. I have wrenched on my own vehicles from necessity all my life because I cannot afford to take one to a mechanic that may or may not be able to do the job right. Including replacing the ring gear on the flywheel of my 1974 Roadrunner by myself without a tranny jack and I did it right the first time. I’m a Master structural Ironworker, Journeyman Millwright, a Special Inspector for structural steel, bolts, and welding, I have an equivalency Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and I have owned a lot of motorcycles including 3 Harleys.

But to Kevin, and to Parker’s Kawasaki I’m apparently nothing but a stupid old bum who doesn’t know better, and whom he mistakenly thought, had no more money to pay him to continue not to fix my bike. I just didn’t want to have my bike fixed and not be able to pay for the work when it was done. That’s called integrity. Something Parker’s Kawasaki doesn’t seem to have in my opinion.

If you are reading this and you have ever been jacked around and by a mechanic like this or ripped off by a disreputable shop like this one, please feel free to call Parker’s Kawasaki at (775) 537-6686 and tell Kevin how you really feel about getting ripped off and disrespected by incompetent mechanics who don’t know one end of a torque wrench from the other.

I could have installed my own starter had I but foreseen that I would be abused, threatened, lied to and ripped off as I should have expected but hindsight is 20/20 as they say. So instead I am now out another $416.67 on top of what I already spent and my bike which is my only means of transportation not only still did not run but the idiot mechanic now tells me that the starter switch does not work. It did when I gave them the keys. I brought that up with Kevin, but obviously his crack (head) staff had already put poison in Kevin’s ear prior to my arrival because I literally walked into a set-piece ambush and Kevin’s predetermined piss poor attitude toward fixing the starter button if in fact, the mechanic had broken it.

They trotted out the work order that said the bike doesn’t run. I have bad news for you Kevin, the bike most certainly does run and will start despite your assertion that it’s a piece of shit which also goes to your stellar level of incompetence. Your people screwed the pooch and I’m getting to the reason why you and I are going to settle this in small claims court and why you are going to be paying for it all and then some.

Rather than do the smart thing any business owner would and try to resolve the problem, Kevin jumped straight out the window and got defensive about what a great shop and staff he had. BULLSHIT. Then he got abusive and before the conversation really began his cronies were crowding me while Arianna the coward stood behind the counter calling me filthy names and talking head under her breath because she’s a base coward. Next thing I knew, Kevin was self-righteously ordering me out of his shop like he was the aggrieved party. Nice try, not.

I can’t even make something as idiotic and immature as this up. The whole thing was beyond juvenile and unprofessional on their part. All because I would not accept a so-called mechanic telling me he could not fix a short, but I am expected to believe instead that he can replace the wiring harness in my bike in 3 hours? Yeah, right. All it would have taken was to pull in the clutch lever to determine whether or not he had done so when he tried to start it, but no. I had to be the stupid one because I didn’t work there.

This is just how ignorant they are. I called them last weekend to tell Arianna I wanted the mechanic to fix the wiring and diagnose it in that order. The guy on the phone even repeated the message back to me but by the time he gave Arianna the message it was nowhere near what I had said and she called me in a tither saying the work had been delayed because of it.

More Parker’s Kawasaki’s incompetence that left me afoot that much longer. To make matters worse, it turned out that the moron mechanic only spent 1 hour on the electrical but it took up half the week. My week, on my time. The starter only took 2 hours so this moron had my bike down all that time for nothing and failed to do the job we had agreed on and for which I contracted through their own work order. And then they went and made it personal and tried to defend this garbage by attacking, and threatening me.

I told Kevin I was leaving peacefully as soon as I paid my bill but twice he came out around the counter, acting very aggressively, and he flanked me in a threatening manner standing to my right side facing me. At one point he said to his wife, “ring him up I’m going to walk him (me) out.” I told him to keep his hands to himself, not to touch me (because I do have severe PTSD and don’t need him threatening me) I didn’t say as much but then this jackass starts saying that I’m threatening him and how they have it all on surveillance tape. More bullshit.

The only person who did show an ounce of human decency was Kevin’s wife who tried to mediate the issue as Kevin should have since he’s the owner. I guess we all know who carries the balls in that family, don’t we? It’s certainly not you Kevin. Not in my learned opinion, it’s not. In prison, Kevin would be my house mouse and I would call him Whirlpool because he’d be washing everyone’s dirty drawers by hand, and making money for me as my personal rent-a-ho. If I was that kind of person. But I am not in spite of his obvious pre-judgmental errors.

How do I know this is the case? That you are an uncouth snob? The person who took me to get my bike recommended Parker’s Kawasaki to me. He said they were good. But he owns a big house and many vehicles outright. He’s a professional who worked all his life and earned those things and no disrespect to him at all but I have earned respect as well by building a huge piece of this Nation. He took his own vehicle in today to get a repair done on it and they never said a single untoward word to him it was all directed at me alone. The reasons fell out of Kevin’s mouth twice during this time and he showed me what a piece of shit he and his staff really are.

First, Kevin’s wife helped resolve the issue of the starter switch. It was only another miscommunication. The mechanic said it didn’t work. Suddenly he decided to elaborate. When I tried to defuse the animus in the shop Kevin came prancing over behind her and said, See? we fixed it!’ With the stupidest grin, I have ever seen on his face too. I guess this was his idea of mocking me, a cash-paying customer, but he only managed to sound petty and stupid.

To make his attempt to humiliate me even more pathetic still Kevin told me, we cannot fix your bike for $100 like you want us to. This after I had authorized the mechanic to spend 4 hours delving into the wiring issues at $90 an hour. And then authorizing him to install the almost $700 wiring harness because the idiot cannot locate a short in a wire. I never asked them to fix it cheaply, in fact, I said “fix it” to the tune of no less than $800 and that sorry little punk called me cheap because they wanted me to spend $1100 I also said I was not going to continue throwing money at something beyond their obvious capacity to repair. This was around the time Kevin told his wife, “he’s out of money.”

Twice the jerk-off said it too and you could hear the contempt in his voice, it was all over his face. That stupid smirk was all about how he thought I was some bum with limited funds and no social stature that he could speak to me like a dog and get away with it. Surprise! That’s not going to happen.

He tried to intimidate me several times and got nothing. He even tried getting in my face and throwing his hand up real fast toward his head like I was going to flinch then he and the other 4-5 idiots would have likely jumped me. I’ve seen that movie before when a pig did it to me in New York and I got beaten so I didn’t bat an eyelash but I did see his crew jump. This piece of shit, Kevin, had the nerve while they were loading my bike on the trailer to get in my face and tell me to leave now or else! I calmly said, or else what? You should have seen the steam coming out of the punks ears and it was because I said he had a smug ass smirk on his face the whole time I was trying to resolve the issue fairly. I’d say I hit a nerve didn’t I, Kevin? Your wife doesn’t like that stupid smirk either I’d guess. If she was half as smart as you think she is she’d dump your sorry carcass and find a real man somewhere, or another woman. She should be used to being with one by now I should think.

He even tried the hold-me-back move and got nowhere so the owner of Parker’s Kawasaki finally pussied-out and called the police on me for trespassing when I was unable to leave because my bike was not on the trailer and my ride was busy enjoying their hospitality. The Sheriff sent 9 deputies to this non-event to do nothing but tell me not to come back to a shit-hole business establishment I would not be caught dead in again anyway. Nine Deputies were tied up by this piece of shit for no other purpose than to attempt to humiliate me and it failed. In the mean-time, 9 deputies could have been out solving and preventing actual crimes and serving a public that actually does need their protection from criminals such as Kevin of Parker’s Kawasaki.

The real kicker was two-fold. The older mechanic said okay it’s done, so long have a nice day after I turned my phone’s video camera on. Trying still to be civil I said, “you too.” He was so stupid that I had to explain I was saying have a good day back to him because the whole time he was the only one who didn’t get ignorant. Until then anyway. I got tired of their crap and took my phone out to record the audio and one of them tried to tell me I could not record on their property. My red, white, and blue-blooded American ass I can’t. I said, oh yeah? Watch me. That was when they all went back inside and shut the garage door after following me out when I was not doing anything wrong. I have it on audio.

This is just for you, Kevin. The day your half-ass lawyer wife and any 3 of her colleagues can beat me in Civil Court on side of any issue let alone on anything related to this case will be a very cold day in Hell. I studied law too. I’m a Civil Code Enforcement Officer and my record is 100% wins in civil court including 2 civil rights cases in New York which I won in the U.S. District Court against the cops. If you’re feeling lucky then go ahead and take your best shot because better than you have tried and failed with a better case.

The final insult of them all though was when right after the Deputies walked away I found this, (Pictured below) the rubber cover that goes over the wires on my solenoid. I found it on the trailer behind my bike where one of them must have thrown it after they loaded it because it was installed beneath the seat when I took it to them. The seat has to be removed and the electrical switchboard over the solenoid has to be unbolted in order to put it back on the solenoid. It keeps the wires from shorting out and burning my bike up.

The idiot mechanic took it off to jump-start the bike across the solenoid which says to my mind that he knew nothing about the clutch having to be engaged to start the bike. I have never heard of such a thing before neither has my friend who rides his whole life as I have. He never put it back together, as promised, and by the letter of the law, that means you are in violation of our contract, Parker’s Kawasaki. Open and shut.

Be sure and bring your surveillance tapes to court so the jury can watch you in action ganging up on, and threatening a protected individual who only asked that you do the job promised. I’ll wager you all look like a bunch of monkeys jumping all over the place while I just stood my ground.

I paid you to put this bike back together and was told by the mechanic that it’d be put back together today when I came to get it. That was after 4 pm when I found it. I showed it to 2 deputies to establish witnesses to the incompetence of Kevin Parker’s Kawasaki and show that your animus toward me was totally uncalled for. As were the terroristic threats you made at the end before you ran from the camera. Now that I am home and this article is almost done, as promised, I am going to go out and try to start the bike in the morning and if the switch does work then I have you in another lie. A further contract violation.

And one last thing Kevin and Kawasaki, you know-it-alls left the gas petcock open allowing gasoline to seep into the crankcase so you are also going to pay for an oil change and filter, on top of the $416.67 you charged me for work that was not carried out per our binding lawful agreement you call a work order, and court costs. And you are going to pay the Suzuki dealership to do it because you are incompetent and you lie. My final class at Forbes Business School was Business Law and you, Kevin of Parker’s Kawasaki, willfully and maliciously violated the terms of our contract. I can show that to the trier of fact in any court.

I should sue Kawasaki for allowing you to open a franchise and violate my civil rights by humiliating yourself and making me watch your decline into ignorance but it was amusing. You diminished me in no way, only yourself, your employees, your gorgeous wife who can damn sure do better than the pathetic likes of you. You, Kevin, embarrassed yourself, and you dishonored Kawasaki.

I will be calling or emailing the board members of Kawasaki in the coming days and asking them some very embarrassing questions about their lack of judgment, and I will forward a copy of this to the board and to my own attorney Michael Standing Bear. I will post it on my own website at, this will go out over my 10,200 + followers on Twitter and almost 7,000 professional friends on LinkedIn as soon as I hit this publish button right in front of me, and I’ll post it to my blogs on True Mastery dot com, Fubar dot com,  Inklyte, youtube, Kentbury, Mind, and I’ll even post it on craigslist under Parker’s Kawasaki Sucks in the motorcycles for sale section.

And you can bet your assets I am going to send a copy of this complaint to my former bosses at for whom I was once a ghostwriter, and to anywhere else I happen to find that I can copy it to so people can see what human pigs you and your staff are and why I think that way. Like the Post Office, Smiths, Walmart, The Grove, The Mountain Springs Saloon, The Pioneer Saloon, I might even print fliers and put them out door to door since I’m disabled, I work at home and have no transportation or anything better to do than take you all down a few pegs. We’ll see how funny everyone else in the world thinks your sorry attitude toward your fellow human beings and your mechanical incompetence is.

You may and then again you may not have Coronavirus floating around your shop and your persons now, Kevin Parker, but honestly? Who knows? There is a nasty flu bug of some kind here I can’t say which one though. I know for a fact that you do run a shit shop, I am a qualified expert there and I stand by that assessment 100% so go ahead and sue me, Parker’s Kawasaki, I defy you to. We’ll see f I am entitled to my own opinion or not according to the First Amendment. And please, by all means, you morons have a nice day too.

UPDATE March 7, 2020

I went out this morning while my Uncle watched and looked into the electronics to see what the idiot at Parker’s Kawasaki had done and discovered that he not only burned the new solenoid I put in my bike, but in a connection for the voltage rectifier that he told me was fine, I found the reason the dumbass could not get the starter switch to work. The ground wire was loose. The same one he told me was good. I got it to work. Again.

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