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Ballot Harvesting Update: Clinton law firm sues Nevada to stop election safeguards

Nevada GOP
April 24, 2020

Fellow Patriot –

Democrats are using the coronavirus pandemic to gut election fraud protections and they’re focusing here on Nevada! (more background below)


They want our state to throw election fraud safeguards out the window when it’s more critical than ever! We ARE the frontlines of the fight. 

We can’t win this fight without your help. Can we count on you to pitch-in a few bucks? 

I know things are tough right now, but if everyone pitches in a few bucks we’ll have what we need to catapult our LEGAL DEFENSE FUND TO STOP BALLOT HARVESTING IN NEVADA. 

The integrity of our elections are at stake. 

The DNC and their coastal elite lobbyist pals are using a high-powered (Clinton funded) law firm for the fight when they know fundraising is low because Nevadans are struggling. 

It’s WRONG. 

Fight with us. Pitch-in whatever you can now. 

I’ve included more background information below. Will you forward this along to friends and family and make sure they know just how important this is?

Thank you,

Michael J. McDonald, Chairman
Nevada Republican Party


As you know, the Nevada Primary was changed to a mail-by-ballot only election. All active voters would receive absentee ballots and be able to either mail the ballot or drop it off at a designated location that would be available in each county, according to Cegavske’s office.

Mail-in voting has these safeguards for a reason considering fraud is easier by mail, and states like ours could end up having millions of dead and ineligible voters on their rolls.

Sending ballots to citizens with active voter status only helps safeguard against election fraud. 

In case you missed it, learn more about the ballot harvesting lawsuit and fight by reading RNC Chair, Ronna McDaniel’s, op-ed about our fight here in Nevada now >>FUEL THE FIGHT: GIVE TO THE LEGAL DEFENSE FUND >>


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