Billable Hours Versus The Value Of Professional Networking.

I once heard a trial lawyer and a Judge discussing the lawyer’s difficulties regarding his billable hour rate. Ending all debate, the Judge said, “You can bill your time at $750.00 an hour, getting it is another story.”

Building networks through new contacts is just good common sense. The necessity for making and sacrificing the time to do so should be clear for anyone building a business to see.

Long ago I recognized the value of making and maintaining business and work contacts and using them to secure employment opportunities.

Those years of gathering information and building professional relationships paid significant dividends in the end. I could not go on a job site where I did not know someone. To get work, all I had to do was get up at 9 am, make a few phone calls, land a job, and go back to bed.

Then came the internet, email, social media, and Google. Beneficial job listings got much easier to hunt and gather. I first discovered social media two decades ago. After thirty years in the field of structural steel erection, construction trades, odd jobs, and internet contacts I have a network of friends and colleagues from all walks of life that work, play, live, and do business all over the world.

The Innocent Mistakes Are The Costliest.

My worst mistakes were the hardest lessons, but those taught me the most. Because of a mistake, I learned to read, write, research, and love the study of law. Because of a mistake, I learned to write properly and I wrote seven novels of prose, along with other works of fiction, poetry, comedy, and music.

Every time I fell, I decided to change my thinking. Determined that I would never be in those situations again, I began building the future I am living today thanks to the free time, and effort I invested in my dreams. And because whenever I fell, I made got up again.

I got a lot of resistance from my family, and friends for building my writing portfolio without being paid, now I ghostwrite for this firm. It is never easy or popular to do what is right, but It is right to do it because integrity can never be optional.

Huge Mistakes Are Not Limited To Small Minds

I am often asked how, if I have such a high IQ, have I managed to make some monumental mistakes? I say a smart person has the greater propensity for doing the dumbest things due to the absence of wisdom.

Whatever the cause, patience, and empathy are what intellect takes away from hard lessons when it gleans something positive from them. Happiness is gained by leaving those mistakes behind. Wisdom comes about when they learn to apply those lessons and can grow into the person they always knew they could be.

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