“Writing about past trauma” by © Kacey Kells, author of Kellcey


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Writing about past trauma

© Kacey Kells

I have been asked to share with you my “experience” of writing about past trauma and I will do my best. But let me say first that I am neither an experienced writer nor a psychologist, and as a consequence I do not pretend to give any lesson; especially since I’m fully aware that we are all different and that, as a consequence,  not everyone respond the same way to a trauma…  And of course, since we are all different, our writing experiences will necessarily be different. No, no lesson will be given here; I will just try to explain why and how I wrote this book, how it turned from an idea to a reality… to a real book. It’s all about my experience, both as a victim of sexual assault and as a person who tried to write something about her…

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