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From Roger Stone.
Dear Charles,      

I have shocking news. It is truly a life or death situation. Let me explain. My family and I are still in shock.

As you know, back in January I was the victim of a political hit-job by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’ Witch Hunt and was convicted on totally fabricated charges of lying to Congress by a vicious Obama appointed Left-wing Judge, a stacked jury of all Trump-hating Democrats and a corrupt Jury Forewoman. 

I was essentially prosecuted because I refused under enormous legal and financial pressure to lie and become a witness against the President who I have known for 40 years and who I spoke to on the phone throughout his historic 2016 Campaign. Mueller’s Dirty Cops had the records of all those phone calls and wanted me to lie about what was discussed in order to impeach the President. I refused.

I was convicted in this political lynching and sentence to almost four years in prison plus two years of supervised probation. I immediately filed a notice of appeal based on the blatant misconduct of the Jury Forewoman. That appeal-if I live long enough to see it through- could take over a year and cost $1 million.

Here is the shocking news- Last week the US Bureau of Prisons and the Department of Justice told us that Attorney General Barr’s directives to the BOP that inmates convicted of non-violent crimes be transferred from prison to home confinement applies to Democrat super-lawyer Michael Avenatti who was convicted of stealing $25 million from his clients and still faces trial on additional charges, Rick Gates the former Trump campaign official who lied in his testimony against me at my trial and Michael Cohen, the former Trump lawyer who was found guilty of criminal fraud and multiple million dollar tax-evasion and then made a deal to testify against the President– but NOT to Roger Stone.  All these anti-Trump criminals have been released to home confinement.

Rather than home confinement, as ABC news reported today, I have been ordered to surrender to a COVID-19 infested prison in Georgia in just nine days. At 67 years old and with a lifelong history of asthma this is a DEATH SENTENCE!

Here is the proof that I am days away from going to this dangerous prison far from my home and family.

Coronavirus cases have skyrocketed in Georgia in recent weeks The Prison facility in Jessup has several confirmed cases, awaits tests results of 23 more inmates with symptom and has yet to even test some 1400 other inmates. USA Today reported last week that the BOP handling of COVID-19 has been a disaster and that there is evidence that they are misleading the public about how may cases they really have. 

I have no choice but to file an EMERGENCY MOTION with the court that includes my medical records and extensive information from my doctor in a last-minute effort to extend my surrender date at least until the coronavirus crisis in our prisons has passed. We have 24 hours to do that.

This is a LIFE AND DEATH situation. It is clear that the Deep State wants to kill me because I refused to turn on the President and to avenge the 2016 defeat of Hillary Clinton.


President Trump himself has said my trial and conviction was a “miscarriage of Justice” that I was treated “very unfairly” and that my trial was “disgraceful”. I have said openly that I am praying for a commutation of my sentence while my appeal plays out, or even a pardon, but I cannot do that until I have exhausted every legal remedy myself. With this legal motion I will have done so.

I have instructed my new appeals lawyers to prepare a motion challenging this dangerous situation to file in court IMMEDIATELY though I am skeptical about getting a fair ruling from this Judge. My health issues are very real as are the dangers of COVID-19. I don’t understand why I should be treated differently than Avenatti, Cohen, Gates and many others.

My personal physician was contacted just before the weekend and he went to the office Saturday to pulled together all of the records, lab tests and studies that show that a person at my age and in my condition will be highly susceptible to Coronavirus.

But I cannot file this emergency motion in court without your help. We literally don’t have a minute to lose.

As of today, I do not have enough in my STONE LEGAL DEFENSE FUND to fully pay my lawyers for the complicated legal work that is being done to save me from dying in a coronavirus infested hellhole including the possibility of an emergency appeal to the DC Court of Appeals if Judge Amy Berman Jackson denies me a delay- which based on history is likely.


Remember this must all happen in the next NINE days! My wife and family are petrified that I will die of COVID-19 before the election and are outraged by this unfair and unequal treatment!

I am trying to calm them down but I must hear from you.

I know you have been supportive in the past, contributing to help fund my legal defense in what turned out to be an outrageous Soviet-style Show trial in DC last January or signing a petition to the President for Clemency. Can I count on you?


This entire horrible ordeal where the legal costs have bankrupted me, the Fake News media has smeared me and the stress of fighting the dirty tactics of Robert Mueller’s now thoroughly discredited Witch-hunt has just worn me down. My wife Nydia now suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis – Brought on by the stress I am convinced. We are struggling to keep a roof over or head and groceries on the table but I no regrets about my decision to refuse to bare false witness against the President in order to ease the contrived legal danger to myself.

It is only the reaffirmation of my Christian faith in God at the recommendation of Rev. Franklin Graham last January that has given me strength and resolve in this fight for my freedom.

The end is near. Whether I live or die will be decided in the next nine days. I would pay for this myself but I literally have nothing. Please send my Stone Defense Fund whatever you can today.

God Bless You,

Roger Stone

PS -I cannot formally apply for Clemency- either a commutation of sentence or pardon from President Trump, until my legal motions are heard before the trial court and potentially the DC Court of appeals and my legal remedies are exhausted so I need to hear from you today.

Publisher’s Note: I stayed overnight in the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta in 1995 and it was a rat infested shithole. I had to make sure none of my bedding hung down to where the rats could climb up it while I was asleep and bite me.

Charles Ramos Jr. – Publisher

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