White House Press Releases

‘Only a Safe, Effective Vaccine Will Get Our Approval’

From The White House on 06.08.2020
“The framework in the United States to support a covid-19 vaccine is now in place. Testing is underway and manufacturing capacity is rapidly expanding. But let’s be clear: The development effort must adhere to standards that will ensure any covid-19 vaccine’s safety and effectiveness,” FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn writes in The Washington Post.
“Large-scale clinical trials already have begun for several promising vaccine candidates.”
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According to independent journalist Michael Tracey, “mainstream media outlets have failed the public by declining to spotlight the devastation left behind by rioters in cities across America,” Yael Halon reports. Tracey said the damage he witnessed is “beyond anything I understand to have happened in the United States since at least the 1960s, and perhaps earlier.” Read more in Fox News.

“Gov. Doug Ducey drew praise for Arizona’s coronavirus response during a visit to the White House on Wednesday . . . Many key metrics about the severity of Arizona’s pandemic, including coronavirus-related hospitalizations, are the lowest they’ve been in weeks following a surge in June and July,” Danny Shapiro reports for KTAR News.

“A recent study of Washington, D.C., journalists’ Twitter usage found that those who cover the federal government have locked themselves away in ‘microbubbles’ where they primarily talk only to each other. The study suggests that reporters in the nation’s capital ‘may be even more insular than previously thought.'” Read more from Becket Adams in the Washington Examiner.

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