B.B. Wolfe Publishing is a Now a DotCom

bbwolfebooks.com is now accepting queries

After years of neglect, I am pleased to announce that B.B. Wolfe Publishing at http://www.bbwolfebooks.com is now closer than ever to becoming a powerhouse player in the publishing industry. Once the 2020 election is over in November and Democrats have to admit that Donald Trump won and that’s just that then I can get down to my own affairs again. I will then be looking for manuscripts and sending out more invitations for queries but they are acceptable at any time by submitting a 3-4 paragraph query through, contact us.

Write only the word “QUERY” in the subject box of your email so that it stands out when I check the mail. Anyone who displays the singular inability to follow even that one simple instruction need not wait for a reply because you just got it.

Any queries mailed physically must in all instances be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped return envelope if a reply is anticipated. Each one must bear affixed sufficient postage for the return of any and all materials submitted by authors. Any that do not comply with this standard will be deleted and or otherwise disposed of without any further ado.

In the case of full manuscripts, there may be an exception made to ensure the preservation of that body of work so that it is not lost to the world and to its rightful owner for lack of a few cents postage. Instead, I’ll like as not, keep the manuscript hostage and send the author one (1) incessant demand for ransom stamps until my mail carrier’s demands are met. If that ransom’s not forthcoming immediately then the manuscript is history.

Electronic submissions are always preferred. Word documents and pdf. files are acceptable for lengthier submissions as is copying and pasting the submission into the body of the email in the case of shorter submissions.

I am also accepting submissions for guest bloggers. Those submitting for guest blogger must send a query including a brief bio, current profile photo, and 3 published samples of their work. Unpublished samples will also be considered for future publication. Please designate any as such, but all works submitted will be decided solely upon its merits alone in every instance.

No person shall be discriminated against for any other cause but for violating the basic tenents of decent human conduct, and or for lacking basic civility, and common courtesy towards one’s fellow man regardless of their beliefs, age, color, creed, or for any other reason. Hatred and intolerance are never going to be loved, tolerated, promoted, or published by this house. Period, subject closed, the end.

Editorials are welcome but they shall be designated as such by the author in the body of the work itself and made clear to the readers that it is an editorial/op-ed piece or they will be rejected out-of-hand. All facts will be checked and all sources are to be cited without exception in any article or submission that relies upon said information and or images as a basis for its premise, or which includes such information, and or images.

Vulgarity for the sake of adding verbiage to a submission shows a decided lack of professionalism and self-control that we are not trying to promote here. Besides that, there may be children reading it. If they are going to learn to use foul language in conversation, then they can do it at home like everyone else’s kids. You don’t have to remove profanity ever. You can simply take it anywhere else you please and let them publish it. It’s still a free country but it’s still my house and I won’t tarnish it like that.

Anything lacking return postage altogether will be vaporized on sight.

Something like that.

Best of luck, light, and love to all. Write on?

Write on.

Charles Ramos, Jr. – Publisher.

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