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Education Cannot Be Paused for a Pandemic

The White House – August 21, 2020
Education Cannot Be Paused for a Pandemic
-The Hill
“More than our physical health is being affected by this novel coronavirus. With the nation moving towards virtual living to continue social distancing, we are risking under-educating a generation. Children need the option to have an in-person education,” physician and Congressman Michael Burgess writes.

AG Barr Says Feds Have Made Nearly 1,500 Arrests in ‘Operation Legend’
New York Post
“Attorney General William Barr said Wednesday that federal agents helped make 1,485 arrests as part of the nine-city anti-violent-crime Operation Legend . . . Barr said federal charges can put away violent criminals for longer periods of time. He slammed what he said are often soft penalties in local cases,” Steven Nelson reports.

🎬 WATCH:When crime spiked this summer, President Trump took action

Blackouts Expose Perils and Costs of California’s ‘Electrify Everything’ Push
“The blackouts that hit California over the past few days exposed the fragility of one of the most-expensive and least-reliable electric grids in North America. They also show that California’s grid can’t handle the load it has now, much less accommodate the enormous amount of new demand that would have to be met if the state attempts to ‘electrify everything'” relying solely upon renewable energy, Robert Bryce writes.

Trump Right to Back Arms Embargo on Iran, a Dangerous State Sponsor of Terrorism
-Fox News
“Iran is the chief threat to stability in the Middle East. A stable Middle East is important to America’s interests. From the start, Trump has sought to rebalance U.S. commitments . . . Unlike Obama, Trump is smart enough to know disengaging from the region is even worse, leaving open running for the likes of Iran,” James Jay Carafano writes.

How to Set World Trade Straight
-The Wall Street Journal
The World Trade Organization “needs new rules to stop the economic distortions that flow from China’s state capitalism. It’s impossible to sustain public confidence in an international trade system when nonmarket practices destroy prospects for workers and businesses around the world,” U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer writes.
🎬 President Trump: We replaced the disaster known as NAFTA!

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