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The Queen of Corruption

April Becker


Hey, I’ll keep this quick but I wanted to give you a brief update on our race. 

We kicked off the Grand Opening of our campaign office and the event was a huge success. We knocked doors, made phone calls, registered voters, and raised over $10,000 from new grassroots donors.

Our campaign is one of the biggest grassroots organizations in the state because Nevadans are eager to dethrone the ruling class of Carson City and take back the state senate majority.

Will you join the fight?

We have the momentum in this race, and here’s why: Nevadans want to see my opponent GONE. 

Especially after the stunt she pulled with the new election law that legalizes ballot harvesting. 

Will you join the fight to take back the Nevada Legislature by chipping in just $5, $15, $25, or whatever you can now to dethrone my opponent the Democrat Majority Leader, Corrupt Cannizzaro?Dethrone the ruling class in Carson City! Chip-in NOW

Our grassroots donations are coming in like wildfire compared to my opponent, the Queen of Corruption, who is funded by special interest donations and illegal contributions (that are under investigation).  

We have an opportunity to fight back. Will you take it? 

Make it clear — It’s time for the Queen of Corruption to go. Chip-in now to help oust Corrupt Cannizzaro for good.

Thank you,

April Becker 

April Becker Photo


P.S. It’s time to dethrone the ruling class in Carson City and flip her seat to MAKE NEVADA RED AGAIN.

Becker for Nevada

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