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Deadline to defeat Maxine Waters

Joe Collins for Congress
I’ll cut to the chase, Charles. We have less than a week until the final quarterly fundraising deadline of our congressional campaign to defeat radical leftist Maxine Waters.

This will be the last time we publicly report our quarterly numbers before the election, and I can’t emphasize enough how absolutely critical it is that we outraise Maxine this quarter!

We cannot defeat her if we fall short — and right now, we still have another $150,000 to go to hit our goal.

This is the most critical deadline of this entire campaign. Will you help me lock down victory over Maxine Waters by rushing $250, $100, $50 or even $25 or another amount so I can reach my goal before next week’s FEC deadline?

RUSH $250 →
RUSH $100 →
RUSH $50 →
RUSH $25 →
Here in Democrat-controlled Los Angeles, we’re putting up the biggest fight against Maxine Waters that she and the Left have ever seen.

We’re waking people up to the fact that her socialist agenda has failed our community and it will destroy our country if we don’t stop Democrats in this election.

But with this critical deadline fast-approaching, what we do within the next week will determine whether or not we can and will win in November.

We won’t get this time back – this is our only chance. Please chip in now to help me outraise Maxine Waters this quarter and lock down a victory.

Thank you!

Joe Collins
Joe Collins
U.S. Navy Veteran
Republican for Congress

P.S. As a black Republican and Navy veteran, I am uniquely positioned to defeat Maxine Waters here in Los Angeles. Your support up to this point has placed us on the brink of a major upset of an entrenched liberal politician, but I need you to not let up now. Your support before this deadline will make or break our campaign – can I count on you to chip in now?

Joe Collins 2020Joe Collins is a black conservative, Navy veteran, and Republican from South Central Los Angeles, and he is running to to defeat radical leftist Maxine Waters. To support Joe’s campaign chip in $5 or more today!

Joe Collins For Congress
5777 W. Century Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Paid For By Joe Collins For Congress

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