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BREAKING NEWS: President Trump just unveiled his America First Healthcare Plan

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From The White House – September 24, 2020
President Trump traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina, this afternoon where he just unveiled his America First Healthcare Plan.
“We will ensure the highest standard of care anywhere in the world: cutting-edge treatments, state-of-the-art medicine, groundbreaking cures, and true health security for you and your loved ones,” the President said.
🎬 President Trump: Better care at a lower cost with more choice!
The America First plan has three goals: more choice, lower costs, and better care. It includes protections for pre-existing conditions, measures to stop surprise medical bills, and rules to guarantee price transparency so patients aren’t left completely in the dark.
The result is that Americans will have more control over their own healthcare dollars rather than ceding power to Washington politicians or powerful corporations.
Unlike socialized medicine, President Trump’s plan puts working families first with: MORE CHOICE: Patients will be in charge of their care, not bureaucrats at some faraway Federal agency. When President Trump took office, more than half of U.S. counties offered plans from only a single insurance provider on the individual market. As of next month, more than 90 percent of American counties will have multiple options to choose from.
 LOWER COSTS: For years, patients have been shocked to receive unexpected bills for thousands of dollars in medical services they never even agreed to. President Trump’s plan bans this deeply unfair practice and ends surprise medical billing. “The days of ripping off American patients are over,” he said.
 BETTER CARE: With new ways for Medicare to pay providers, Americans will have access to doctors they trust—whenever they are needed. President Trump is also making sure that politicians don’t get in the way of much-needed research and innovation, ensuring Americans access to the best health care in the world. 
President Trump’s plan puts American patients first. Unfortunately, under pressure from the far left, Democrats have endorsed healthcare legislation that would result in rationing care, keeping patients on waitlists, and driving the best doctors away from practicing medicine.
“The Democrat Party is pushing a socialist nightmare,” President Trump said.
Americans want real choice, affordability, and quality in their medical care. They don’t want radical politicians playing games with their health and safety to get votes.
Under this President, America’s families and seniors will always be protected.
📖 Read about President Trump’s America First Healthcare Plan!
🎬 WATCH: “The Democrat Party is pushing a socialist nightmare.”

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President Trump signs an executive order on the America First Healthcare Plan in Charlotte, North Carolina | September 24, 2020

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