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Omar’s Ballot-harvesting scheme

From Lacy Johnson For Congress on 28.09.2020 

Dear Fellow Conservative,

BREAKING: Ilhan Omar has been connected to an illegal ballot harvesting scheme.

A ballot harvester named Liban Mohamed has just been EXPOSED for bribing and stealing ballots from women and the elderly. Paying them cash for their empty ballots so that he can fill them in for a vote for Omar!

President Trump is now demanding a full investigation into Omar’s connections to ballot harvesting and I need your help to expose Omar’s criminal activity.

One thing is clear: Omar will do anything to stay in power and I need this message to go viral. Omar is now a threat to the 2020 election. Help me defeat her, by contributing $25 right now. >>
Contribute $25 TO DEFEAT OMAR
Undercover reporters have stated that it is an “open secret” of the alleged cash-for-votes scheme…. And Omar’s operatives run the entire operation.

We must make sure every person in my district is made aware of the systematic hijacking of mail-in-ballots Omar and her people are engaged in. Ilhan Omar is threatening the sanctity of our free and fair elections… and endangering our way of life.
Contribute $15
Contribute $25
Contribute $50
This is the last straw for Omar. She has had numerous credible allegations over the past two years, from marrying her brother to breaking campaign finance regulations… But now, the worst of all, Omar’s district commander is connected to ballot harvesting.

I will not let her get away with this. Help me hold Omar and her ballot harvesters accountable and lock them up in jail. Chip in $15 to help me expose Omar to every voter in my district. >>

The Democrat Party has a long history of cheating in elections, but Omar’s latest scandal puts every American voter at risk. She threatens to totally dismantle our political system and is actively fighting to destroy it by stealing YOUR vote!

I need all Conservatives and Trump supporters to stand with me today… The 2020 election cannot be overrun by her Somalian ballot harvesters! We must demand fair elections.

In Freedom,

Lacy Johnson
Candidate for Congress
Paid for by Lacy Johnson for Congress

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