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Pres. Trump wants to see this list ASAP

Nevada GOP


We are creating a brand new TEAM TRUMP ROSTER for this last month of the election cycle to really show who stands with President Trump. 

And he wants to see this list ASAP.

You are already a Top Supporter and have been one of our most important grassroots warriors online, so I wanted to make sure your name is on the list. We just need you to list your name here >>

As we head into the most critical time of the election, we need to finalize our NEVADA TEAM TRUMP ROSTER. Show that you are serious about supporting President Trump in 2020 by adding your name to the roster now >> 

Even if you are already on the list please sign-up again to make sure we don’t miss anyone. This list needs to encompass it all!

Thank you for being our first line of defense in the fight for our great state and nation. Together, we are unified in the fight to Keep America Great, and Make Nevada RED Again! 
For Victory and For Nevada,

Jess, MAGA Nevada

P.S. Help us grow the team on the ground by sending this email along to friends and family and encouraging them to get involved TODAY.

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