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The Left Is Depending on Insults and Lies in Its Bid to Stop Amy Coney Barrett

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From The White House – October 06, 2020
Judge Amy Coney Barrett “has received extraordinary testimonials from her colleagues and students, who say she is brilliant, conscientious and kind,” Rich Lowry writes in the New York Post.
“The opposition has countered with a dog’s breakfast of nonsense, including that her confirmation hearing can’t be held in the middle of a pandemic.” Meanwhile, “the Senate Judiciary Committee has already been holding hybrid in-person and virtual hearings all year. There is no reason the committee can’t do the same with Barrett next week.”
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“President Trump continues to make progress as he receives treatment for COVID-19 . . . Some in the media are demanding more information about the president’s health as if his doctors should map the president’s entire genome and post it on the Internet. But at this point, Mr. Trump’s condition is well-described and his prognosis appears to be excellent,” Dr. Martin Makary of Johns Hopkins University writes for Fox News.

“Who will speak for those who have no voice? President Trump’s recent executive order regarding babies born alive answers that question: We will, as fellow Americans. Even as some hospitals question whether babies born ‘too young’ or ‘too disabled’ are worth trying to save, the president’s executive order reminds all of us that they, and we, have both a legal and moral obligation to try,” Mary Vought writes in the Washington Examiner.

“The downtowns of numerous American cities have been burned up. Government buildings have been attacked. Private businesses have been destroyed. And people have even been killed. This has been happening off and on now for many months. And—perhaps most amazing and horrifying of all—the news media has decided to largely ignore it,” Neil Patel writes in The Daily Signal.

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