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Trump Pence Make America Great Again
From TRUMP TASK FORCE on 16.10.2020



Did you see the New York Post article? The article exposed the TRUTH behind the corrupt Biden family–detailing how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to his then Vice President father. Proving Joe Biden LIED to the American People when he said he’s never had anything to do with his family’s business interests.

Now, Big Tech giants FACEBOOK and TWITTER are censoring the article. Blatantly CONTROLLING what the American People see in favor of the Left. SILENCING us to STEAL this Election, Charles. We can’t let them do that!

Register RIGHT NOW to become a Trump Victory Volunteer and help us FIGHT BACK against Big Tech and the Radical Democrats. >>

Trump Victory Volunteer Status 

Name: Charles Ramos Jr 
Volunteer Status: 
Deadline: ONE HOUR


The Radical Left knows their puppet of a candidate is a LIAR. Joe Biden’s corruptness for the past 47 years is finally being REVEALED and that’s why they’re doing all they can to cover it up.

We can’t have a President we can’t trust, Charles.

So join our fight to reelect a President you CAN trust. The President who tells YOU, the American People, the truth. Become a Trump Victory Volunteer TODAY and reelect President Donald J. Trump for Four More Years.

Register within the NEXT HOUR and our team will send the list of every volunteer to President Trump to review. Make sure YOUR NAME is on there, Charles.

Register IMMEDIATELY to become a Trump Victory Volunteer and STAND with President Trump to fight for TRUE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY.


Thank you,

Team Trump-Pence

Hey! More Big news! President Trump is coming to Orange County, CA, this Sunday, October 18.

I am a member of the Trump Victory Finance Committee, and I would love for you to join us for this special event and register using my personal contribution link here:


Dear Mister President,

Thank you for the invitation to volunteer I’m deeply honored, but I signed up a long time ago. For an apprenticeship in fact. I’m a long-term member of the Victory Finance Committee and I think I might be my biggest donor, I’m definitely the most prolific at 13 times, but who’s counting?. ;c)

Charles Ramos Jr. – Publisher @ B.B. Wolfe Publishing

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