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From The White House – October 31, 2020

President Trump’s accomplishments are unparalleled. But for the past four years, the leftwing media—with help from their allies in Big Tech—has refused to cover this Administration fairly. Recently, some companies are even censoring conservative voices.
Here are six stories that explain the historic work of President Trump’s Administration. Please share them with anyone you think should hear them.

  1. The Blue-Collar Presidency: President Trump is fighting for the middle-class Americans once sidelined by our country’s own politicians. Under his Administration, wages are growing faster for workers than for managers and fastest for those without a college degree.
  2. America’s Seniors Will Pay for a Democrat-Socialist Agenda: Average Medicare health plan premiums have dropped by 34% under President Trump. The far left’s “Medicare for All” socialist scheme threatens this progress.
  3. The Trump Doctrine—Terrorists Lose and Peace Wins: Five years ago, Americans watched in horror as ISIS gained power and terrorists killed on U.S. soil. Today, ISIS is destroyed, terrorist leaders Al-Baghdadi and Soleimani are dead, and instead of fighting endless wars, America is brokering peace deals.
  4. Put the American People First, Not China: For years, the left stood by as the Chinese Communist Party hurt American citizens. With COVID-19, they’re doing it again. President Trump’s strategy is clear: Don’t punish Americans for the mistakes and failures of other countries and global organizations.
  5. The Fastest Recovery in History: America has added more than 11 million jobs since May—the quickest comeback on record. New GDP data also reveals the American economy is weathering the global pandemic better than Europe.
  6. Donald Trump Fought the Establishment—and Won: President Trump took on the far left, the Republican donor class, the corporate media, China, Big Pharma, and the failed ideology of globalization. The American people wanted change, and the political class didn’t listen. Fortunately, President Trump did.

President Trump has fought tirelessly for the American people–and he’s just getting started!

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President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump wave as they board Marine One | October 22, 2020

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    B.B. Wolfe Publishing ezt írta (időpont: 2020. okt. 31., Szo, 19:09):

    > Charles Ramos Jr posted: ” From The White House – October 31, 2020 > President Trump’s accomplishments are unparalleled. But for the past four > years, the leftwing media—with help from their allies in Big Tech—has > refused to cover this Administration fairly. Recently, some compan” >

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  2. We Hungarians constantly monitor the work of all Presidents.
    We have seen that no other super President like the evil liberals, innocently murdered: J.F.Keneddy and Donald Trump! They were able to overcome all difficulties quickly.
    They sought peace with the world. They created work for the Americans. They defended the borders from the invaders.
    He called his soldiers home. Native Americans are recognized. Etc. etc.
    Simply super Presidents!
    Liberal communists want to swallow the whole world. They are like a virus! They are capable of all evil.
    Here in Europe, too, all evil is being tried, with George Soros.
    These are hell varieties.
    As long as there is only 1 of them, there is no peace in the world,
    Long live Donald Trump, President of America! Come on to victory!


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