Skeletal Horse Photo - Visual Hunt

Little Miss Muffet threw her curds away, and now she has to tough it for six C-notes a day, so she tricks to get her kicks, and keep the monkeys at bay, ’cause the itch is in the bitch, and it will not go away.

Ten thousand angels dancing on the head of that pin, but it only takes one Devil, to sink the bitch in, and release the wild horses of the thundering herd, your mother tried to warn you, but you didn’t hear a word.

Now fourteen years you’ve lost to a needle and a spoon, you’re caught up in a whirlwind and the end is coming soon, you named your poison and you feed it to your brain, it’s just one little pin-prick, then you slip into insane.

And then along comes a spider, and slips up inside her, it crawls into her brains and it wraps them up in chains. He’s got your poison baby, see it dripping from his fangs? I am your poison baby, you’d sell your soul to feel my sting. You name your poison baby, the spider’s chained you to the wall, I am your poison baby, and you will heed your master’s call.

You had your freedom, from the spider’s spell, but you climbed back on them horses, and they rode you straight to hell, on the back of rolling thunder, on a nightmare with no reins, you named your poison, and you ran it through your veins.

It’s like you loaded your own pistol, and you took it to your head, dropped the hammer on a hot load, and now your ass is dead. The spider’s laughing at you as your life leaves you behind, the Devil’s waiting for you and he says, your ass is mine.

They left you by the Turnpike, lying face down in a ditch, but that’s just the price you pay when your poison is the bitch.

I am your poison baby, won’t you just give me a try? I am your poison baby, you will love me till you die. Name me your poison baby, and then kiss your soul good-bye.

Charles Ramos Jr. 2003

• scary death art girl Black and White creepy horror dark skull skeleton bones gothic Macabre grotesque twenty1-grams •

Author’s Notes:

I wrote this as a dark metal song about two people I once knew that were heroin addicts. One was a beautiful but hopelessly lost young woman named, Loretta to whom I was engaged once upon a time. She wandered away one day down the same road she’d been traveling for 14 years already. I pray she found peace.Paragraph

And, Carlos a misspent young Puerto Rican gentleman I helped get out of the Westchester County jail or Valhalla. He couldn’t read or write so he asked me if I would do it for him. He called me over to his cell because he saw me reading every day there in the hole during my hour out of lockdown. He won his appeal and came to see me the day he was released, my 32nd birthday. A week later I got word that he had taken an overdose in New York City. 

Sleep in Heavenly peace, Carlos. Until all broken hearts mend as one I love you with every little piece of mine, little Brother. Goodbye but not forever, until then I remember you.

Carlos Ramos Jr. 3/2/2019

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