When first I looked into your eyes,
I gazed into forever,
When first I gazed into your heart,
I looked into my very soul.

You're a little piece of me,
That my heart is longing for,
You're that missing part of me,
That make's me feel I'm finally whole.

Through all these years,
You've always been,
My companion, my confidant,
Often my only friend.

Now I offer to you my ring,
a tiny band of gold, 
I crown you my beloved,
My queen and my wife,
To have and to forever hold.

For no one else can make me feel,
Quite the way that you alone do,
Through the rain and through the fire,
Your heart is ever stong and true.

Before God and all His Children now,
I pledge to you my heart, my life,
Take my hand into your own now,
Walk with me and be my wife.

With a crown of love upon your head,
I make you the Queen of my heart,
For a love as stong and true as ours,
Can never be torn completely apart.

When one day we both shall look back,
Upon the rocky roads that lead us home,
We'll see that no matter what stood in our way,
We never walked down them alone.

My one, my only, my whole life,
My love you know it's true,
has always, will always,
Forever and ever be, 
Whimsical, wonderful,

Charles Ramos Jr.
March 3, 2019

Author's note: I wrote this poem for Camille Parker-Bowles
on the announcement of her engagement to Prince Charles.
This is close to the original but has been changed
being written as it is from my work notes.
Prince Charles wrote to me in prison saying he was touched
by my poem and the warmth of the people who'd been kind, and 
supportive of the match.
Sadly the parole board kept that letter so all I have left
is the envelope, and the memory of my only royal poetry review.

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