The Spirit Of Christmas, Present

It's Christmas Eve and snow is falling,
As family and friends come calling, 
Our hearts are filled with warmth and lots of cheer. 
Oh Holy Night the bells are ringing,
While carolers come sweetly singing, 
Loved ones they all gather and draw near. 
Stockings are hung by the chimney with care, 
In hopes Saint Nick soon will be there, 
Young lovers meet beneath the mistletoe. 
See the Yule logs burning bright, 
Holding back the cold dark night, 
While Grandpa reads of Christmas, long ago. 
There are presents all around the tree, 
Here's one for you, and two for me! 
Who can help but love this holiday? 
The halls are decked with boughs of holly, 
Voices ring out let's be jolly, 
Ho Ho Ho! and Santa's on his way! 
There's tinsel, wreaths, and colored balls, 
Bright twinkling lights, and shopping malls. 
See all the folks dressed up like Eskimos?
There's jingle bells, and candy canes, 
Santa's pulling on the reins, 
Presents wrapped in pretty paper, 
And bright bows. 
Now it's time to put the children down, 
'Cause Santa's coming into town. 
And don't forget, he knows when you're awake. 
He sees you when you are sleeping, 
So don't let him catch you peeping, 
And don't forget, be good, 
For goodness sake. 
So say your prayers, now jump in bed, 
Cover up your sleepy head, 
'Cause he will be here soon with no delay, 
No delay!
Don't you worry if it's still snowing, 
Santa knows where he is going, 
He's got Rudolph's big red nose to light his way. 
Now the streets are silent, empty lanes,
Who's lights are hung with candy canes, 
And banners proclaiming Christ,
Who's born this day. 
All throughout your little town,
The snowflakes settle softly down, 
Soon the sun will rise on Christmas Day. 
     May the sum of your days,
     All be merry and bright. 
     Merry Christmas to all,
     On this Holiest night.

Charles Ramos Jr. 2006

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